Colombo PRIDE 2016

Come Join us for this year’s scintillating program!

Please call us at 0115679766 if you want to reserve a seat on the bus ride and also for more information! We will make history on the 12th – be there!

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Find peace of mind: free counseling service for LGBTIQ persons


CHANGE is on the way!

EQUAL GROUND is proud to present its first annual Mini Youth Camp!

Encouraging youth to be the agents of change, the mini Youth Camp aims to integrate LGBTIQ and other youth to embrace the principles of human rights and diversity and come together in peace and harmony for a better tomorrow in Sri Lanka!

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Rainbow Pride Party - don't miss it!

Join us for the most happening LGBTIQ party this year! Rock with DJs Praveen Jay, KC Grey & Maki and show your PRIDE!

Venue: Horizon room Mt. Lavinia Hotel
Time: 9pm onwards
Tickets: Rs.1,000 (available at all Colombo PRIDE 2015 events and at EQUAL GROUND)

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Pride Music Video Debuts in Colombo

In time for Colombo PRIDE 2015, EQUAL GROUND has produced a totally homegrown composition Nothing but Pride a Music video filmed entirely on location in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Currently celebrating Colombo PRIDE 2015 the music video debuted to a packed audience last night (19th July) at the Goethe Institute in Colombo.

Written by EQUAL GROUND’s Executive Director Rosanna Flamer-Caldera, the song means to capture the essence of PRIDE, encouraging the LGBTIQ community top stand tall and Proud!

“I believe we need an anthem, a lively gay song to harness our Pride and feel good about ourselves. And I hope it catches on and is played around the world at pride celebrations and everywhere!” said Rosanna when asked about why she wrote the song.

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