How to Get Involved

There are a number of ways you can make a difference.


All contributions need not be financial. You can help in many different ways and help make the changes we wish to see in our future. You can VOLUNTEER your time in several different areas including our counseling hotline, helping us out during Colombo PRIDE (we always need more hands on board for the several events we host each year), helping out with day to day administration work such as filing, typesetting, translations, etc. INTERNS are also welcome – we have a wide variety of projects which require bright, hardworking individuals to help achieve our objectives. Volunteers and Interns from other countries are also welcome!

Books and Videos — we welcome contributions of LGBTIQ and Human Rights publications.

Publications and Productions

We encourage WRITERS to contribute to our quarterly magazine EQUALITY. EQUALITY is also digital with the magazine uploaded on to the website providing a wider, worldwide readership.

EQUAL GROUND also encourages young, talented documentary and film makers to help archive EQUAL GROUND’s history as well as make advocacy documentaries to help with our efforts to mainstream LGBTIQ issues and highlight injustice, discrimination and intolerance.

We welcome contributions of LGBTIQ and Human Rights publications/books as well as LGBTIQ novels, poetry, biographies etc.

As it is against Sri Lankan law, we cannot accept materials that are pornographic in nature. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

To make contributions to the endeavours of EQUAL GROUND, please contact us via telephone, fax or email


Your financial contributions are of course, very welcome. Donations helps keep our organisation and our safe space up and running.

You can now donate easily now via PayPal or mail us a cheque in Sri Lankan Rupees, Euros, US Dollars, Australian Dollars and Pounds Sterling (UK). Other currencies may be accepted as well; please do check with us first before mailing your cheque. You can email us for our postal address.